Some of gateway or software will add the device into black list (ex.Open Z-wave) after cut off the device's power supply(becauseno reply to gateway). 

Since Philio's PANXXX series device will report powerstatus 1 hour after power on, so it will recover within 1 hour.

We don't know whichcontroller you are using but the standard way is doing OTA by PC-Controller. 

Please press the tamper.

  1. If you don't press the tamper, it will be in the "Test Mode". It will send temperature and illumination report.

  2. If you press the tamper, it will be inthe "Normal Mode". So the configure took effect.

You can download inZ-Wave website, if you are the member of Z-Wave alliance.

You can hold the whitekey(reset key) and press tamper key 3 times.

Thealarm will ring when you remove the back cover of PSE02. You can set configure (parameter29, value 1) to close the alarm.

 You can set configure(parameter 29,value 0)to turn on the alarm after you cut off power of PSE02.

PSC02&03: You canpress the white key once.


  • Step1: Plug USB to any USBslot(power).

  • Step2: Unplug USB from USB slot and press the reset button within 5 seconds after unplug.